Ah, your a tough guy, eh? Fine, let's learn.

Okay.... where to start...? How about, SIMPLE OBJECT CREATION?

Ok... so you've just started making objects. It's easy when you get the hang of it... Simple object Creation is where you use FeralHeart scripts to make things, like.... Elephant skulls, and Palm trees.

Open feralheart and go into tools, object maker, then Mesh. Now, without closing it...
Go into the FeralHeart folder, then into media, then objects. Browse around and read MATERIAL FILES to find the mesh right for you
[TIP- MESH file titles are what you insert into the "Mesh" part of Object maker.]
Once you find it, type it in (including .mesh) to the "Mesh" text box then click Add new. Add as many as you want and use the X, Y and Z in-game buttons to move them about. Y is up and down, X is side to side, and Z is backwards and forwards.
Change the texture by typing in any compatible textures you have found when browsing, into the "Material" part.
Change the sizes, too, with the opposite X,Y and Z buttons. When you're satisfied, move on.
Pitch, Yaw and Roll change the direction of the object. Experiment!
[TIP- Always click the object you want to change before changing it.]
Collisions are like objects. You can move them and change the size. The difference is, there's different effects. Normal collisions make you stop when you run into them, and Water collisions enable you to swim in that area. Move it about and place it where you want, if a collision is needed.
To get an effect, you need to find Effect maker. Don't quit Object maker, just search the tabs until you find "Effect Maker" and click it. Now, billboard, I have no idea what it is. Ask on the FeralHeart Forums.
Particle, I can explain later, because it is more complicated. And light, is just a faint glow that taints anything around. Add one if you want one. Just change the R,G, and B hues for colour.
Okay, now for Particle.
Go into FeralHeart folder, then into media, then Particles. Lots of strange files. Click the Material files to look at what's availiable. Once you find something that catches your eye (E.G. material FXMat/WaterSplash) then, go back to the game and enter the ending words (WaterSplash) into the Particle Template box. Then, just change some stuff like you did with the object! Ta-da!
Go back to object maker, after adding all the effects you want. Then, just name your Item, put it into a group, click "Save" and Well done, your own object!

Okay, I've never actually made an object this way. So... click this link.