Ooh, you want to make a Map? Come on, then!

This is the simpler version of making a map. It's pretty much placing objects, typing a few things and your done. Let's learn how.
Open FeralHeart, and go into Tools, then Map maker.
[TIP- Save your map. Save it every five or ten minutes, to be safe. You don't want your computer to crash after an hour of hard work, and lose everything, do you?]
Map Name - Enter a name for your map
Map display name - Enter a display name for your map
Save - Save your map
Export - Send your map to the FeralHeart game, where you can access it via the Cape of Distant Worlds
Test - Test your map
Show collisions - Show all the collisions
Has portal - Click this and enter information, to enable access to the Cape of Distant Worlds when in-game
Load - Load the highlighted map
Terrain Height Map - Change the terrain
Terrain Alpha Map - Add a mask
Terrain Texture - Change the floor texture.
Width - Change the Width of your map
Height - Change the Height of your map
Boundary - Change the boundary of your map
Sky - Toggle sky
Sky file - Enter sky file
Weather file - Enter weather file
Ocean - Toggle ocean
Ocean height - Change the height of the ocean.
Object group - Choose an object group
Object - Choose an object
New object - Place the object (M to move, C to clone)
Gate - Change gate settings
New gate - Add gate
New water - Add water
Select type - Select type of object to control
Move - Move the object
Clone - Clone the object
X,Y,Z Position - Move the object
X,Y,Z Scale - Change the size
Reset - Reset direction
Pitch, Yaw, Roll - Change direction
Place on Mesh - Place on another mesh it comes in contact with
Randomize clone - Randomise the direction of the clone
Update - Update the state of the object
Delete - Delete object
Hide - Hide object
Show all - Show all objects
You want to make your own Terrains and Masks right? Okay, let's learn!!
Open your art program and create a new image 512x512, GRAYSCALE.
[TIP-THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Be sure you use only ONE layer when editting your height maps. Many people have this issue and think that flattening the image fixes it. Well it doesn't! Be sure as you edit, you only color on the already provided layer, the 'background' layer.]
Now then, colour the entire thing in a middle-shade of grey. Now you can start editing this beauty. When coloring your height-map you should know that white represents the highest parts of your map, and black represents the lowest level or the deepest places on your map. Just add whites. greys and blacks and create the perfect place.
[NOTE- If you don't already know, this is a bird's-eye-view of your map.]
If you have a program like photoshop or gimp, then the Smudge tool and the Blur tool are very handy when making maps. It allows you to add more detail and smooth out rough edges.
When you've finished, you can simply save the height map in the terrains folder, MapnameTerrain.png, but once you've created your map ingame, it will make a new folder, and you need to place your heightmap into there.
Obviously, Replace "Mapname" with the name of your area (e.g. MountainTerrain.png)

WOW! That's a right booooootiful map! Let's get some masks going.
What is a Mask? Simple! Its the image that will apply the textures to your map. Simple, right?
Create a new file (RBG, 512x512) What I do, so I know where I'm applying my textures, is I will copy and paste my heightmap into the mask, make a layer above it, and go on that way!
Now, you can color onto it however you want! Heres what you need to know about the coloring:
So, yeah. I'll just sit here while you edit your map. Go along now, enjoy yourself.
[TIP- Where the darkest parts of your heightmap are, you should put a colour there, for then you can put some sand, for the underwater parts, if you are putting water there.]

WOAH. THAT. IS. EPIC. We gotta get that into game!
Come on. Open FeralHeart, go into tools, then into map maker. Create or open a map you want your terrain and mask on, then go to the World tab. Now, you click the Terrain Height Map text box, and enter the entire title of your heightmap,(e.g. MountainTerrain.png) then click out and wait for it to load up. Your smexy map is up, let's get some terrains. Click the Terrain Alpha Map text box, and enter the entire title of your mask, (e.g. MountainMask.png) .
Now add objects and ocean and terrains and stuff, then SAVE YOUR WORK if you haven't already.Then just click "Export" on the Map tab! Wait for a while, then your map's in-game! Woo-hoo!