Getting Started

Like any website or game, you need to Create an account to store everything you need. Simply click on this link
  Create My Account
and fill in your information. Once your activation email is sent, check your email regularly for a reply from Feral Heart.
[TIP- If your email hasn't arrived after 3 days, then I would recommend creating another account, because you probably didn't fill in your information properly.]
Now, open your email and write down your Username and Password somewhere secret, in case you forget. Then, click the activation link, and you're ready to explore forums and log-into the game!
Feral Heart game download is simple.
[TIP- If you are young, or do not know how to download games and such, I would recommend asking an adult to help you.]
First, you will need to get to the Feral Heart site, and click on Downloads, or just click this link, if you really can't be bothered.
Feral Heart Game Downloads
Now download Feral Heart, then (if any) the patches.
[TIP-Don't repetitively download the game. If you are having problems try the torrent. Should the torrent not work its likely to be a problem with your computer not the download.]
[TIP 2- Please be aware that downloading the game will vary in difficulty, depending on the type of computer you have. Check the website for compatible computers.]
Then you're done! On to the next step!
To play your game, simply find the Feral Heart folder, and click on the Application (with the three gold paws), then Feral Heart will load up, and you will be ready.
A series of options will come up.
Username-  Enter your username here if you wish to log in.
Password- Enter your password here if you wish to log in.
Log In- Click here to log in, after typing your username and password in the boxes above.
Tools- Click here to enter the Tools panel, where you can access Object, Map, Preset and Sky creators.
Homepage- Click here to open the Feral Heart website in your internet browser.
Options- Click here to enter the Options, to change particular parts of the game.
Quit- Click here if you wish to exit the game.