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Feral Heart Review

Feral Heart is an interesting game, encouraging imagination and role-play.
Unlike most games, it doesn't have a particular storyline, no quests, no battles and no items to collect. The only thing you gain is sheer fun!
Feral Heart is a great game for all ages, for no violence is included, and all can play without boring, for role-playing, chatting and hanging around with friends is the main aim of the game. Without violence and competition, not many arguments are raised, therefore, more fun can be gained from this magnificent game.
With an amazing Character Creation encouraging original characters and interesting patterns, no-one can be exactly the same. The extraordinary Preset Creation is new and original, that I imagine will be introduced to many games in years to come, for it creates completely new characters and encourages the artist's side of players.
The Map maker is particularly easy, though there are a few flaws, but overall, it is quite easy and productive to use.
The Object maker is quite easy, apart from producing Meshes and Materials. With Object maker you can create a wide variety of objects and even animate them with effects.

Overall, I'd give this game 4.7/5 stars. The 0. 3 stars left out is merely the glitches and problems that come with all games. I hope the 0. 3 stars can be restored in the years to come, to create the perfect game for all families.

This game is recommended for all, especially for the
5 - 30 's.

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